Hi there,

To all our valued customer, we have just updated our menu with new price.

However, they (prices) might still be subject to change.

Further updates will come soon.



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New Menu and Price!

Pain Al’ ail or Herbes                                                      $2.00        

~          Garlic or Herb bread

King Prawn Cocktail                                                     $20.50  
~          Wonderful cold peeled prawns served with traditional cocktail sauce

Les Chef Pate Maison                                                           $18.90              
~          Fine liver pate prepared to the chef’s recipe with cognac, accompanied with toast and Cumberland sauce

Escargots De Bourgogne                                          $18.90 1/2 dozen
                                                                                                $28.90 1 dozen
~          Burgundy snail served in sizzling garlic butter and chopped mushrooms

Coquilles Saint Jacques                                                       $23.50
~          Lightly cooked fresh scallop coated with mornay sauce

Salmon & King Prawn on ice berg lettuce                   $23.50
Crevettes Al’ail (Garlic Prawn)                                          $23.50           
~          Prawn cutlets with garlic and cream sauce

Potage Du Jour                             $11.00                  
~          Our daily home made fresh soup

Soup A L’oignon                           $11.00
~          Traditional French onion soup


Huitres Naturelles                                           $20.00 1/2 dozen
                                                                            $36.00 1 dozen

~          Chilled natural oysters served with American hot sauce and lemon wedges

Huitres Kilpatrick                                           $23.00 1/2 dozen
                                                                           $40.00 1 dozen

~          Oven baked oysters topped with julienne and bacon and Worchestershire sauce


Salade Cesar                                                                          $13.50
~          Cesar salad with lettuce, bacon, egg, cheese, anchovies, mayonnaise and croutons

Salade Au Roquefort                                                          $12.50

~          Mixed tossed salad with blue vein dressing

Salade Panache                                                                      $7.50  
~          Fresh mixed tossed salad


Fillet De Poisson Meuniere                                                   $32.50     
~          Pan fried barramundi fillet with lemon and parsley sauce

Crevettes Roses A I’americaine                                           $35.00      
~          Large prawn cutlets pan-fried in tomato con-case, mushroom, white wine and cream sauce


Entre-Côte Aux Poivre                                                          $33.50
~          Grilled prime porterhouse steak to your liking flamed with cognac
      and green pepper corn sauce

Fillet De Boeuf                                                                       $34.50
~          A pair of eye fillets wrapped with bacon, served with shallot and
red wine jus. Chef recommends medium rare cooked

Veau Avec Champignon                                                         $33.00
~          Pan-fried tender veal scallopini with sliced mushroom and julienne
            ham topped with creamy champagne sauce

Veau A la Normandy                                                              $33.00
~          Pan-fried veal with seeded mustard, slice apple, brandy and cream sauce

Canard Aux Noix                                                                    $34.50
~          Oven baked duck served with an orange and cointreau sauce and
caramelized almond crunch

Poulet Au Miel                                                                         $29.50
~          Breast of chicken (skinless) coated with honey and cream sauce

Kangaroo A La Du Chef                                                        $33.50
~        Panseared  roo fillet accompanied with apricot jam and red wine sauce

Vegetarian Delight                                                                  $30.00
~          Sauté mushroom, avocado and cheese in cream sauce served in a pastry shell

Main meals served with scallops potatoes and seasonal vegetables

 (**All prices include GST**)

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                                     Crepe Suzette                                $15.90                          
         - thin crepes flambé in cointreau liqueur  and served with ice-cream

Profiteroles au Chocolate              $12.50
profiteroles filled with cointreau cream patisserie and warm choc sauce

Coupe de Cerises Royale                  $12.50
-  warm pitted dark cherries flavoured with Kirsch on vanilla ice-cream, served with a pot of chocolate sauce

Pudding aux Epices                            $12.50
-  sticky date pudding served with our own special caramel sauce and ice-cream

Coupe aux Trois Glaces                 $12.50
trio of ice-cream served in an almond basket on fresh strawberries Coulis

                                         Café a la Francais                            $14.90                                      
                                          -  liqueur coffee with cognac (vsop)
                                         Crème Brulee              $12.50
                                         - serve with ice cream
                                    L’Arte De Grand Mere le Glerc                                                                                                                  $13.50
apricot glaze apple tart from the province of Normandy served with cream and honey orange sauce

Le Plateau De Fromage                                                                                                             $16.50                    
a selection of local and imported cheese (blue vein, camembert and aged chedder)


Café au the                                             $4.00
-  coffee or tea with imported chocolate

Ask for your favourite liqueur coffee $15.90

                                      House Port or muscat                       $7.50

                                      Dessert wine                                     $10.00

                                      French VSOP cognac               $14.50                                                                             

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Looking for a specific information? Please click on the options below for further information.

1. Menu.

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Reservations and Enquiries.

To make a reservation or enquiry, please contact the restaurant at 9803 5747.

We will be happy to help with any questions or requests.

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Address and Directions.

260 Blackburn Road, Syndal, 3149 VIC.

Traveling to Le Gaulois:

1. By car
Le Gaulois is conveniently located only 5 minutes from The Glen Centro,
Glen Waverly.

Parking is available in front of the restaurant with plenty more located behind the restaurant.

2. By public transport
The restaurant is a short 5 minutes walk from Syndal Train Station. Also,
bus routes 703 and 737 will get you to the bus stop near the restaurant.

A map has been provided below for your convenience.

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